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Rationing Kruti Samiti (RKS)

RSCD supports Rationing Kruti Samiti (RKS), Mumbai as it focuses on the core issue of public distribution system commonly known as PDS. RKS is a voluntary initiative established in 1988 by like- minded activists working on the issue of public distribution system. Rationing Kruti Samiti (RKS) has been network of more than 300 grassroot organizations in Maharashtra. RKS is a people’s initiative to ensure ration as a right for marginalized and poor sections of the society. It is a process to make Public Distribution System more accountable in the implementation of Government sponsor Food Schemes. RKS is an organization born to ensure food as a basic human right. OBJECTIVES OF RKS –
  • To safeguard the human rights of marginalized and vulnerable households in terms of food security by gaining access to subsidized food under PDS.
  • Community level user group and government mandated bodies are able to pressurize fair price shop in being more accountable.
  1. Awareness: Field team conducts meetings in communities & villages to create awareness about food related schemes & ration as a right. Also promote use of Rationing helpline.
  2. Capacity building: RKS has formed ‘Ration Action Group’ (RAG) as a grass-root pressure group to monitor proper functioning of Fare Ration Shops
  3. Material Development: RKS publishes a bulletin as ‘Amache Ration’. Magazine consists of current Government Resolution (GR’s) & schemes such as ‘Food security Act’. It also describes the success stories of RAGs to inspire civil society to assert their rights.
  4. Advocacy: Delegation is a medium to advocate ration related issues with Government to bring about policy level changes and initiate new social welfare policies.
OUTCOME Field workers of RKS conducted a survey in the villages checking ration shops (fair price shops) to collect baseline data of ration card holders and implementation of PDS schemes at grass root level from Melghat, Latur and Navi Mumbai. Villages were identified in three districts of Maharashtra for further action. The field workers initiated meetings and follow-up visits at village level and lobbying with Government officials to provide ration cards and food grain for the marginalized section of the villages. RKS has also initiated 261 ration action groups in 35 villages/areas of three districts.