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Program Team

Bhim Raskar, Director: 

He is a process mentor & policy advocate through capacity building & self-directed learning.


Datta Gurav, Director (Program) & State Coordinator, Savitri Academy: 

An excellent PRI trainer for last 15 years & Panchayati Raj Advocate who has been a village Sarpannch and now State Convener of leading academy.


Malti Sagne, State Convener, Mahila Rajsatta Andolan: 

Ms. Maltitai is a state convener, best team mentor & trainer in PRI.


Chetan Wagh, State Program Coordinator: 

Chetan is an active trainer, learner & self-directed expert in information technology, alongwith movement in blood.

Vijay Valanju, Publication consultant: 

Vijay is an excellent content writer & page designer with the passion of creative printing for the deprived & neo-literate groups of society.


Nayana Madye, Asst. Finance Officer: 

Nayana is a transparent & responsible team member with background of finance.


Bhavana Kharat, Asst. Finance Officer: 

Sincere learner & follower of finance department with a very friendly approach.


Sandeep Pawar, Desk Officer: 

Most senior sincere stakeholder of RSCD, who manages the RSCD premises


Anisha Gobare, Office Assistant: 

Young and honest team member looks after Resource Centre & Doorstep BOSS Course