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Boss Course

RSCD began the Budget, Orders, Schemes and Services (B.O.S.S) Course to aid the PWL’s – Panchayat Women leaders. The course consists of a set of skill handbooks on the basics of administering a Panchayat covering topics such as Panchayat rules and regulations, budgetary analysis, welfare schemes and services. The curriculum in the Boss Course is written specifically for women, taking into account the, TNA – tracking need assessment. The course is aimed to equip women with information about the Gram Panchayat and its budget heads in a simple and relatable way. Since most PWL’s are homemakers with domestic responsibilities, it was decided that this course should be door-step learning program, where the participants are sent the course materials and are given training by our District mentors. This gives the PWL’s the freedom to go through the curriculum at their own pace, along with Panchayat field Practicals within the village. The Five Course Books are on:
  • Basic Information on Panchayatiraj: Which teaches the PWL’s of the basic regulations in a panchayat and her duties as a PWL’s as well as introduction of village level platforms i.e. Gramsabha, Mahila Sabha, Ward Sabha, Sub Committee Meetings & Monthly meeting of Gram panchayat.
  • B – Budgetary Provision: The panchayat today receives adequate funds for its functioning; PWL’s however are kept away from its provisioning. This module ensures that they can track the budget and do internal audits.
  • O – Government orders: This module informs them of the latest government regulations and orders, so that they aren’t dependent only on the Gramsevak for the same.
  • S – Schemes for Marginalized: The government has a number of schemes for all the sections of the society; this module is aimed at informing them of these.
  • S – Services Mechanics: This informs PWL’s of the technical aspects of structures & services.
  The modules are written in simple Marathi with easy governance exercise, assume no prior administrative experience, and avoid typical jargons that require personal expenses or extensive physical mobility. These and other factors ensure that the materials are relevant to women representatives, especially those without prior administrative experience.
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