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Vani Karbharnichi

Vani Karbharnichi – A voice message for women in governance

RSCD broadcasts weekly message on current information & organizational initiatives in association with LibTech, a mobile recorded broadcast service system. The Vani Karbharnichi started in September 2014, and till date almost 5000+ people connected with us through this process. This is a weekly message radio to all BOSS Course members. This was initiated by Stanford University. Vani Karbharnichi is a software platform to reach the target communities through automated voice applications. They allocate a regular phone number and provide a way for organizations to upload audio content for it over the web. Vani Karbharnichi connects people to information using voice applications over mobile phones. The target group is rural, remote, and marginal section of the society. They are low income, lack internet access, speak local language and use low end mobile phones. There are many groups and organizations trying to deliver various types of information services and even entertainment. But they all struggle to do so in an affordable and accessible manner.
Broadcast Date Sample Messages Listen / Download
31st May 2018 Information of Gram Sevak as a functionaries Yes
23rd May 2018 Gram Panchayat Services Yes
16th May 2018 Information regarding Functionaries Yes
4th May 2018 Sexual Harrassment Act, 2013 Yes
18th April 2018 Appeal Regrading Unnao & Kathua Rape Case Yes
8th April 2018 Sarpanch Identity Card Yes
2nd April 2018 Direct Sarpanch Election Yes