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Program Team Profile

Bhim Raskar

He is a process mentor & policy advocate through capacity building & self-directed learning.

Datta Gurav
Director (Program) & State Coordinator, Savitri Academy

An excellent PRI trainer for last 15 years & Panchayati Raj Advocate who has been a village Sarpanch and now State Convener of leading academy.

Malti Sagne
State Convener, Mahila Rajsatta Andolan

She is a state convener, best team mentor & trainer in PRI

Chetan Wagh
State Program Coordinator

He is an active trainer, learner & self-directed expert in information technology, alongwith movement in blood.

Vijay Valanju
Publication Consultant

He is an excellent content writer & page designer with the passion of creative printing for the deprived & neo-literate groups of society.

Nayana Madye
Asst. Finance Officer

She is a transparent & responsible team member with background of finance.

Bhavana Kharat
Asst. Finance Officer

She is Sincere learner & follower of finance department with a very friendly approach.

Sandeep Pawar
Desk Officer

Most senior sincere stakeholder of RSFCD, who manages the RSCD premises.

Anisha Gobare,
Office Assistant

Young and honest team member looks after Resource Centre & Doorstep BOSS Course