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Resource and Support Centre for Development (RSCD) was established in the year 1994, with a view to promote and build a network of organisations who w

Best Practices

Details of 10 best practices, which is valid by CLGF BOSS Course: Door Step education program for EWR’s Flag Hosting: Right to host flag as a


Bank Accounts Details   Bank Details for Indian Donors Only Bank: Central Bank of India Branch: CBD Belapur Saving Bank


Mahila Rajsatta Andolan (MRA) – Women in Governance Campaign A Campaign with women in decision making process evolved in March 2000 with a view of empowering women and […]

Savitri Academy

RSCD aims to undertake extensive research, conduct trainings to promote good governance and participate in policy advocacy for the purpose of all inclusive development through Savitri Academy. Our […]


Rationing Kruti Samiti (RKS) RSCD supports Rationing Kruti Samiti (RKS), Mumbai as it focuses on the core issue of public distribution system commonly known as PDS. RKS is […]

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